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        ZJ15/1350CZ Truck-mounted Drill Rigs



        The engine, drawworks, derrick, travelling block system of the drilling rig as well as transmission mechanism are all mounted on the self-propelled chassis, which brings a great advantage for improving the moving efficiency during drilling operation. Our group has independently designed and developed truck-mounted drilling rig series with drilling depth of 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 meters, even 4000 meters, which is the biggest truck-mounted rig in the world, with the maximum static load capacity from 1125 to 2250 kN. The rig has the features like heavy working load, reliable performance, excellent cross-country ability, easy transportation, and low working and moving cost, and is quite suitable for the drilling operation of shallow and medium-depth wells. Our group can also design and develop the products that fit the extreme conditions in frigid, desert, plateau areas according to the customer’s special requirements.

        Products Characteristics:

        Rigs are designed and manufactured in accordance with API Spec 7k, 8C, 4F specifications.
        The structure is compact, highly containerized, and space saving.
        Heavy-duty self-propelled chassis with the sizes of 8×6, 10×8, 12×8, 14×8, 14×12, and 16×12 is adopted and hydraulic steering system is equipped to ensure good passing ability and cross-country capability.
        Caterpillar diesel engine and Allison hydraulic transmission box are reasonably matched, so as to ensure high driving efficiency and working reliability. Electrical driving can be adopted for drawworks and rotary table.
        The main brake is equipped with band or disc brake, the auxiliary brake can be provided with pneumatic water-cooling disc brake or electromagnetic eddy current brake.
        The rotary table transmission box is able to realize forward and backward gears, which is suitable for different DP sizes and rotating operations. The reactive torque releasing device guarantees the safe release of the deformation energy of the drill pipes.
        Front-opening double-section-telescoping front-inclining mast structure or erective double-section-telescoping mast structure can be adopted for the derrick, and the derrick is raised up, laid down and retracted by hydraulic power.
        The drill floor is in twin-body retractable structure or parallelogram structure, which is convenient for transportation and hoisting, the dimension and height of the floor can be designed according to the user’s requirements.
        Perfected solid control, well control, high-pressure manifold system, and ancillary facilities like generator room, pump house and doghouse can meet different requirements of the customers.
        The pursuit of “People Oriented” design philosophy enhances the security protection and detection measures, so as to meet the requirements of HSE specification.

        Structure and Purpose:

        The ZJ15 Truck-mounted Drilling Rig is the earliest light truck-mounted rig researched and developed by our group. During years of technological innovation, our products become more mature and reliable. This kind of products adopt various technology to design and configure, and its characteristics of lightweight and flexibility make it suitable for shallow well drilling in 1500 meters, and also can be used for oil and gas well overhaul operation and well drilling operation.

        Strengthening model of shallow well drilling and suitable for drilling and overhauling;
        Good cross-country performance with 10 x 8 reinforced chassis;
        The air controlled water cooling disc auxiliary brake could be chose.
        Equipped with emergency motor power system.

        Technical Parameters:



        Installing power

        540HP (402KW)

        Max.static hook load


        Max.weight of drilling string


        Rated power of drawworks 


        Type of transmissions

        Hydraulic +Mechanical

        Type of driving


        Normally drilling depth (4 1/2"DP)  


        Mast height


        Drilling floor height 


        Dia.of drilling line


        Hydraulic system


        Pneumatic system 


        Traveling system


        Transportation dimension

        19.37×3.05×4.49m (including mast)

        14.6×3.05×3.1m not including mast


        About 52000 kg

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